Emergency File Recovery with Undelete Wizard

Rebuilding or retrieving lost or damaged files from a disk or hard drive is known as file recovery. Recovering deleted files has to be easy, and it is when you use Windows Recycle Bin. But what if you’ve emptied the Recycle Bin? Or even worse, what if the Recycle Bin has never been enabled on your system?

Undelete Wizard is the ultimate answer! Undelete Wizard by wizardrecovery.com recovers erased files, pictures and documents.

Hold on a second. Pictures and documents are simply two different types of files, right? They most certainly are, but here’s the best part: Undelete Wizard recognizes your values and priorities and uses a set of unique algorithms to find deleted Office files, digital photos, ZIP and RAR archives, and other files on the surface of your hard drive even if all traces of them have long since vanished!

Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, email messages, ZIP and RAR archives, digital photographs, and all other sorts of files can be recovered with the Undelete Wizard. Undelete Wizard can recover deleted files whether or not the recycle bin is empty. The deleted file recovery wizard explores the full surface of a disk that holds the deleted files and thoroughly examines the file system to find the recently erased items. By applying the same kind of signature analysis as used in anti-virus programs, the distinctive pattern-matching technique locates the start and end of documents, photos, and archives.

The file recovery method that uses pattern matching can frequently restore data, images, archives, and documents that were deleted years ago. What would you do, though, if the retrieved file was damaged? On a hard drive, deleted files are simply free space that any application can use to write a new file over. Frequently, just a small portion of the original data is rewritten; the remaining data is left intact on the disk. The presence of one or two missing blocks would prevent you from viewing the image. A corrupted document could not be opened in Microsoft Word. However, even in that case, you still have options! Digital photos and documents that have been corrupted are recovered by Undelete Wizard so that you can still open them without any issues.

Undelete Wizard implements a number of advanced file recovery algorithms, yet using them is extremely simple. What you get is a straightforward step-by-step file recovery wizard that guides you through the file recovery process by asking simple questions like “What disk were your files on?” or “Do you remember the exact location of the deleted file?”

Undelete Wizard is a sure bet in the crowded market for recovering deleted files since it combines powerful technology with simplicity of use. Undelete Wizard shows you the contents of the deleted document, archive, or digital image before you pay for a license, so you can be confident that it fulfills its claims and persuades you to test it out. You will undoubtedly be able to retrieve that file if you can view a preview! Be quick! Visit wizardrecovery.com to obtain your free sample copy.



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