Computer Data Recovery: All You Need to Know

Have you ever doubted the accuracy of your data recovery knowledge? Consider the following paragraphs as you compare your understanding of computer data recovery to the most recent information.

A natural calamity or something much more common, like a lightning storm or damaged power lines, could eventually harm your business.

Even if your organization could be modest, data disasters can nonetheless affect it. When a crisis strikes, a small firm without a robust, tried-and-true disaster recovery strategy may never fully recover and may even go out of business. Even computer data recovery services are occasionally unable to be of any assistance.

The following questions should be addressed so that you may get a better picture of what you need to do to prepare for a data disaster event.

Do you know where the most crucial data files for your business are located?

Are these files backed up, and if so, how?

How frequently do you perform these data backups, and have you checked and validated them?

Do you have automated controls that perform the backups accurately and consistently?

Do you regularly send your data backup tapes off-site?

Do your data backups have any type of protection against tampering with or theft?

Do you lock up your phone system controllers, routers, hubs, and servers to make them more secure?


Do you restrict access to no more than four people or simply two people to your servers and other technological resources?

Do the desktop PCs and laptops used by the business run a locally secure operating system, such as Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional, Microsoft Windows XP, or Microsoft Windows NT Workstation 4?

Do you have any private information locally saved on any desktop or notebook computers? Do any of these devices use an operating system that is intrinsically unsafe, such as Microsoft Windows 9x or Microsoft Windows Me?

Do you employ power-on passwords to prevent unwanted boot-ups or tampering with BIOS configuration settings?

How are the primary updates, service packs, and releases kept up to date on your desktop PCs and notebooks?

The basic lesson is that you can’t predict when a data disaster will occur, but taking a few precautions now could help your business survive in the days and weeks that follow one.


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