How Do I Submit my Article?

To post your blog on our websites or need any information regarding this, email us at with the heading “Contribution with Guest Post, Sponsorship, etc.”

Introduce yourself. If you are ready to contribute, add the word/pdf file of your article. However, before doing all this, it’d be great if you message us on WhatsApp(+237 678 032 305) first.

Consequently, if the article meets our guidelines, we will post it on our website and publicize you as a guest writer.

If somehow your blogs play well on our websites, your commitment to contributing your articles will still be a legal agreement. You can’t withdraw your content from our website. After publishing your content to our website, it will become our property.

Guest Posting

We appreciate your interest in us. We always welcome writers to join our community as permanent authors on our blogs or as guest posters. But there are some things we demand in terms of content quality.

How much Each Post Costs

For guest posts, we charge $40. You can publish on any of our websites based on your financial situation. 10 websites are available for guest posting.