Electronics Recycling

Consumer Electronics Items

Consumer electronics refers to everyday electronic devices including TVs, phones, DVD players, CD players, laptops, and computers. These devices are produced all around the world. One of the main benefits of the consumer electronics business is the constant cost reductions brought about by the advancements in electronic engineering, which result in an annual influx of …

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How to do commercial Recycling of Electronics

You’d never want your company to contribute to a worldwide disaster, would you? Electronic garbage, or e-waste, is rapidly wreaking havoc on the environment and the people who live in it. So, do you truly want to know how your company can safely manage e-waste? Let us adequately educate ourselves on commercial e-waste disposal and …

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Recycle School Calculators

The Electronic Recycling Process

What is e-waste? Electronic waste or e-waste is excess waste that we generate from surplus and obsolete electronic devices. Electronics, from mobile phones to laptops right the way to washing machines and fridges contain various toxic and hazardous components (including lead, mercury, PVC plastic and brominated flame retardants). When disposed of incorrectly, these toxic materials …

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