Simple Ways to Keep Fax Machine Clean and Your Documents Clear


It’s simpler than you would imagine to maintain your fax machine. By extending the period between repairs and eventual replacement, maintaining your office equipment will help your business keep costs low.


A scanner assembly is used by fax machines to create an image of the document you wish to send. Ink from the documents that are being scanned will eventually build up on the scanner glass component, which will result in the facsimile on the other end having spots and other blemishes that weren’t there in the original document. Your fax machine uses a print head to print papers. Over time, this print head will accumulate spots that will degrade the print quality of documents you receive. Cleaning the print head and scanner glass can save your business money while also enhancing the quality of the papers you transmit and receive.


The method of cleaning your fax machine is pretty simple. Remove the power cord first, then the phone cord. Then use a slightly damp towel to clean any dirt from the unit’s exterior. Next, use some isopropyl alcohol to dampen a piece of lint-free cloth and wipe the scanner’s glass cover clean of any debris. Then, use another lint-free cloth that has been dampened with Windex to wipe the edge of the print head until all dirt has been removed. Reconnect the phone line cord next, then the power cord. Your fax machine’s basic maintenance is now finished.


The quality of the papers sent through your fax machine will eventually start to deteriorate. A simple cleaning will recover a large portion of the lost quality, barring actual damage to the print head or scanner glass.

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