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You Must Use Good Dog Care

Having a pet can be one of the greatest blessings for people of any age. Pets often become more like friends to the people who own them. They provide hours of entertainment and fun during the best times in life and they provide comfort and companionship during life’s hardest seasons. Many people choose to make

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Your Pets And Allergic Dermatitis

Allergic dermatitis is one of the most common skin diseases that may pester or affect your beloved dogs or cats. You should be informed, however, allergic dermatitis is a serious chronic skin disease that can never be cured, only treated or controlled. Literally, the term ‘allergic dermatitis’ is derived from root words allergy, which means

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7 Tips to Naming Your Puppy

You’ve picked out the perfect puppy. You spent hours on the internet, researching the right breed for you and your family. Then you went from breeder to breeder or humane society to humane society, meeting and greeting pups until you find just the right match.   Now what? He needs a name!   Over the

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Garlic: The Stinking Rose

This article discusses garlic, ‘the stinking rose.’   Health benefits, how to grow it, uses in the kitchen and garden, and a non-toxic garlic spray recipe, as an alternative to using harmful chemicals in the garden, are explored. Garlic (Allium sativum) has been used for centuries for both cooking and medicinal purposes.  Known as the ‘stinking

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Fall Planting

Most people don’t think of Fall as a time for planting new landscaping and garden plants. To most, it’s time to put garden ventures to sleep until Spring. While it may not seem so, Fall planting of trees, shrubs, Perennials, bulbs, and cool weather grasses like Fescue is a very good idea. Roots of newly

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Gardening Facts

Gardening can be described as an art in which plants are grown for the purpose of creating an impressive landscape. Gardening can take place at a private home, or it can be used at public buildings. The space that is used for gardening is called the garden. While most gardens will typically be located on

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