Basic Principles In A Dog Lovers Club

In the US, there are several dog lovers groups that provide a lot more for dog lovers and their canine companions. Here are a few examples.


For the Love of the Purebred Dog is a division of the American Kennel Club for dog enthusiasts. There is more to this article than a purebred dog section. It is devoted to having dogs at home. This dog club offers instructional and interesting resources about canine care, training, nutrition, and much more. It also includes humorous tales, artwork, information about pets, and the more well-known Companion Animal Recovery technique. Other, more well-known websites include those for events and dog breeds.


On the other side, the American Mixed Breed Obedience Registration, or (AMBOR), was established in 1983 with the aim of accounting for the tenacity and successes in obedience competitions of mix breed dogs and handlers. The association for dog lovers also encourages and supports dog owners.


Important Information for Members:



As long as the dog is spayed and has its claws clipped, handlers and owners of mixed-breed dogs are eligible for unlimited full membership. The dog’s front and side photographs should be submitted with the application. The automatic tabulation in the nationwide agility and obedience ranking system is the key to all obedience and agility programs. This also covers a presumption of qualifying for the yearly prizes.

This accomplishment will receive recognition in AMBOR highlights, the organization’s newsletter, and online. The participant will be qualified to compete in any future national agility and obedience competitions. Purebred dogs are identified by allocated numbers and should be registered as such. In addition, dogs with mixed breed listings that receive a number depending on the owner’s application have their membership upgraded to purebred status.



Purebred dogs can be listed with AMBOR with a rule that entry is limited to the AMBOR-supported agility program. All dogs that are purebred, listed with AMBOR and exhibits AMBOR-supported programs on agility will have competition points monitored and there will be an automatic issuance of certificates.


Dogs that are purebred and listed with AMBOR are not qualified to be a part of the agility and obedience scoring systems. They will also not be included in the website on highlights and not qualified for any mixed-breeds national competition in the future.


Handlers that register to the AMBOR-supported trials on agility should put their AMBOR number on the form at the club’s entrance so that competition points will be monitored.



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