Backpack Blowers


Professionals utilize backpack blowers more frequently, and 2-stroke gasoline engines are the most popular kind of power. The operator wears the harness, which has a blower built into it. Along with being mounted on the backpack frame, the engine and fan also have a hand-held hose and spout for controlling airflow. Backpack blowers have larger, more effective fuel tanks and air filters, longer duty cycles, and are both powerful and practical.


Backpack blowers with more than 40cc engines are the best with a typical blowing power of 400 cfm  (cubic feet per minute) of volume at 190 mph (meter per hour). If you live in a quiet neighborhood, these units are the best choice, because they are specially assembled to control unwanted noise. Also, keep in mind that harness quality and comfort differ from one model to the other.


Performance backpack blowers generally have blowing power of more than 450 cfm of volume at 195 mph, and are named because of their high performance. Though they may be noisier than other blowers, they are fast, fuel efficient, and have a quick throttle response. Most professionals and commercial users prefer this type of units, which also has optional accessories like breathable nylon back pads and padded, adjustable harnesses.


Big-bore Backpacks, with engines starting at 50cc, are the largest and heaviest backpack blower units now on the market. They can cut cleaning time in half and are also quick. These strong blowers are often utilized for larger regions and difficult tasks, such raking wet matted leaves. They are best suited for industrial applications.

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