What makes Toshiba Laptops so good?

The fact that some of the best laptops in the world are Toshiba models is well-deserved. But why are Toshiba laptops so excellent?


To begin with, Toshiba laptops are quite well made. The majority of the time, a Toshiba won’t break if you drop one, and unlike cheap Dells, they won’t break due to normal wear and tear. If a Toshiba ever did develop a cracked case or had keys fall off the keyboard, Toshiba would fix it right away. People who expect to keep their laptop for a long time as well as those who frequently travel and must bring their computers as checked luggage on airplanes value the good build quality.

Furthermore, Toshiba laptops are incredibly light. Again, this is crucial for travelers, but it’s also crucial for regular laptop users who take their laptops with them to work or simply rest them on their laps at home. While light laptops are much more practical, heavy ones may be a big hassle and make it feel like an effort to quickly check or change something on the computer.

However, this added durability and extreme lightness come at a cost, much like with other Japanese-made laptops. Simply because of the cost of the greater build quality and having to pay the salaries of Japanese workers, Toshiba laptops can cost up to 50% more than the least costly models on the market with the same CPU, RAM, and other specifications. The cheapest laptops typically have the highest market share in the computing industry, therefore Toshiba must attract the more tech-savvy customers who actually want a high-quality laptop for their work. However, if you do depend on your laptop for anything, it would be wise to view the additional expense as an investment and think about purchasing a Toshiba or another high-quality laptop.


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