LCD TVs – Technology uncovered

In the near future, LCD will compete with plasma panels as one of the most important television technologies. However, what do LCD TVs imply to you? To start, the image you receive is much sharper. You’ve likely switched from your old, clunky computer monitor to a flat, LCD one by now, and you’ve undoubtedly already noticed the improvement in picture quality and clarity. The manufacturers of LCD technology now seek to apply the same principles to televisions, improving their flatness, clarity, and overall quality.

Another factor to keep in mind is the connection between the growth of LCD televisions and the rise of HDTV (high-definition television). Digital LCD TVs can display the original TV signal flawlessly thanks to HDTV, which enables broadcasting of the signal in even higher resolution than a DVD.

By comparison, it actually makes modern television seem laughably archaic. If you’re prepared to spend some money on an LCD TV and an HDTV subscription, you can get it right now. LCD panels are becoming more and more competitive with other screen technologies as they get cheaper and bigger each year.

Size and cost are the two key considerations when purchasing an LCD television, while other more advanced qualities like color depth may also be important to you (the number of colours the screen can display). Response time is one that is frequently seen as crucial since LCDs with slow response times can provide a blurring effect when displaying images of swiftly moving objects. Dot pitch is another parameter that basically depicts how sharp the television’s image will be (lower numbers are better).

One last piece of advice: if you do decide to purchase an LCD TV, make sure you first see it in action in the store. You should watch to observe how it handles various picture types, how the display compares to other LCDs, and how it stacks up against plasma displays.


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