Useful Laptop Computer Accessories

You might already have a laptop, or plan to buy one. Either way, you might be interested in buying accessories for your laptop. Laptop accessories can come in handy when needed, and can increase the enjoyment of your laptop experience. These accessories often can be used with most laptops for any kind and brand of laptops. Some laptop accessories may be gender orientated, but most accessories for laptops are not. This article will describe present popular accessories for laptops.


Targus Ultra Lite Notebook Case


This notebook case is a great way to provide protection for your laptop while traveling without having to pay too much money. The Targus Ultra Lite Deluxe Notebook case have plenty of pockets, features, padding, and weighs only about 2 pounds. The notebook case have extra pockets to fit other electronic devices such as PDAs, organizers, cellphones, etc. The case can carry up to the size of a 15 inched laptop.


Sony SRS-T77 Portable Speakers


The Sony SRS-T77 provides great quality sound despite its small size. The system weigh only 12-13 ounces and is about the size of two CD cases. The Sony SRS-T77 do not have a volume control button, you will have to use your laptop’s volume control. The system performs best at moderate to low volume levels, but will distort at high levels. The Sony SRS77 takes 4 AA batteries or you can use the AC power adapter instead.


Sennheiser PX100 headphones


The Sennheisor PX100 provide rich sounds but is a little soft on more aggressive music and sounds. The Sennheiser PX100 makes up for this though by being able to play very loud without breaking, which is something most similarly sized headphones can not achieve. The unique flip-fold feature gives the headphone the capability of turning 90 degrees. (again something most headphones can not accomplish)


Kensington WiFi Finder


If you have wireless Internet access on your laptop, then the Kensington WiFi Finder will be extremely helpful to you. The WiFi finder can be used to search for 802.11b wireless networks. Now even though your laptop can do just fine searching for wireless Internet locations, it will create a scene walking down the street holding a laptop to search for one. The Kensington WiFi Finder is about the size of a credit card. The downside of the Wifi finder is that it will not tell you if the wireless signals is WEP encrypted.





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