Landscaping On A Budget

Your yard can have a lovely, distinctive appearance without costing you thousands of dollars a year to maintain it. You may save money while maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your yard by following a few simple landscaping  guidelines.

The practice of xeriscaping is a fantastic new invention that has become very popular. Many homeowners are attempting to save their water expenditures by selecting plants that don’t require a lot of water in order to survive as water becomes an increasingly costly commodity. These plants come in a wide range of kinds, and they’ll give your yard a pop of color while still saving you money. Know which plants tend to require a lot of water; cedar hedges are the sports utility vehicle of the gardening world. If you are worried about your water expenditures, don’t plant any!

Incorporating a material with strong water retention properties into your planting is another approach to save money on water. For instance, peat moss is relatively affordable. Any water that comes close to the region will be absorbed and retained for later use as the demands of the plant dictate when it is mixed in with the dirt and bone meal while planting your new flowers or hedges.

As with many other areas of budget concern, the best way to stay within your means when it comes to landscaping is to do the job yourself. This means everything, from picking your plants to weeding and pruning. With the information age in full swing, though, it is not hard to educate yourself well on all the different tasks specific to your yard.


When it comes to weeds, you are probably going to have to expect a few. If you wage a campaign against your weeds, and this is especially true of your lawn, you are going to end up spending a lot of money and time on various chemicals and treatments, processes which, in the end, may end up doing more harm than good. Be content with some weeds on your lawn, particularly if they have some aesthetic appeal, such as clover.


Don’t be scared to purchase your plants at a box store rather than a nursery. The price of plants at a large retailer with a wide selection will frequently be significantly lower than that of plants from a nearby nursery. These plants may not have been cared for as meticulously as nursery plants, but with some attention to planting and care, they will likely reach the same levels of appeal as the plants that cost more but required less initial care. The majority of do-it-yourself gardeners prefer to spend as much time outside as possible, therefore the additional care that these plants could require will allow you spend more time on your hobby.

One of the best ways to keep a low budget in your landscaping is to limit your green space. Smaller lawns, and less flowers mean less materials needed for the upkeep. Watch what you use as your replacement, though- some types of landscaping rocks (such as lava rock) can be incredibly overpriced. Bark mulch is a fairly inexpensive option, but again, you have to be willing to invest a little extra time into its containment and maintenance.

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