How to replace your iPod Battery

iPods are a great invention, however many have complained about the lack of playtime and poor battery life. Previously, replacing an iPod battery was next to impossible. So when your battery dies, its time for a new iPod. This of course proved to be extremely expensive.  As a result, manufacturers have begun producing aftermarket iPOD batteries for a DIY conscious producer. There are even high capacity batteries that will basically give you more playtime on your iPod in comparison to the original iPod batteries. An even better incentive to replace that dying battery!


I know what you’re thinking, you don’t want to rip apart that shiny iPod of yours! Aftermarket iPod batteries were designed to make the installation as simple as possible (it wasn’t really all that difficult to begin with anyway). Since the batteries installation doesn’t require any soldering, the most difficult part is opening up the physical case.  Since the iPod doesn’t contain any screws, the casing must be pried off in order to access the internal battery.  I do not recommend using a screwdriver to do this as it will damage the case. A guitar pick has been recommended to do the job, but even better, some batteries come with the non scratch nylon tools required to open your iPod safely.


Below are some instructions on how to install your battery. I am aware that there are more than one

Steps to install the battery:


  • Lay your iPod on a piece of cloth o non scratch surface. Using your non scratch tools, slowly insert it under the cover and begin to pry off the cover. You should hear it begin to open. Work your way by sliding the tool all around the edges.
  • The iPod is basically made of two halves. With both halves separated, put the empty shell aside.
  • The other half will have all the internal components in there. You should be able to spot the battery in there. You will see that the battery is connected to the main circuit board of your iPod. Carefully unplug the old battery by pulling on the end of the connector.
  • Get your new battery and plug in into the connector socket on your iPod’s circuit board. The connector will only go in one way so do make sure you insert it the right way up.
  • Once it’s all connected up, put the cover back on by pressing the edges of the two halves together.
  • Plug your charger in and let your new iPod charge up for at least 4 hours. All new batteries should get a longer than normal charge the first time around.
  • Now you’re ready to enjoy your music once more!



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