Hardware: All you need to know

Now just because this article is on the internet doesn’t mean that the hardware that we’re talking about has anything to do with computers! I mean that is probably the case but why don’t we remain patient and civilized and find out before we start jumping the gun and squawking about hard drives and monitors and video cards and CPUs and the like. Lets take a minute to consider what else we could be talking about and make sure it isn’t those things before we proceed any further down the computer path.


Hardware could be ACE or The Home Depot right? I mean after all most retail stores today are trying to maximize their market share and are therefore making available many services including a large part of their inventory online. So maybe you are looking for a new compound miter saw or some 35 year guaranteed shingles. Maybe you want to replace that old squeaky screen door. Maybe you have a leak in your plumbing that needs immediate attention. Well you are going to have to stay tuned because I may be able to help you.


Within the above category of hardware there is another category of hardware that refers to the handles on drawers and doors. This is a surprisingly popular market sector as shows like trading spaces, extreme makeover, and Martha Stewart’s Home show. People, especially with the economy being rather slow, have decided that instead of getting new things that they will just make due with their old cupboards, or doors, or desks, or dressers, etc. But they are willing to spruce them up by refinishing them and adding new, more generationally acceptable, knobs that match the simple yet elegant and refined look of today. Silver not gold; brushed or “antique” finish rather than a chrome shine.


Ok, ok so I am talking about computer hardware I just wanted to let you know that this may not be what everyone else is referring to when they are talking about hardware in an article on the internet. Any this is a great time for those struggling with their computer components. Online support is getting more and more useful and soon you won’t have to ever take your computer anywhere to have it fixed. A technician will be able to analyzed, diagnose, and correct problems over the internet and you will be on your way without much bother at all. Sounds good doesn’t it?



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