Garden Decking

Sometimes you’ll want to be able to walk on a portion of your garden without touching the grass, so you’ll need to build a floored space at one end and possibly a path as well. Concrete patios used to be the most popular option for achieving this, but they are quickly losing popularity. Wooden decking is now becoming more and more popular.

Decks can be constructed directly on top of grass or over an existing patio. Normal decking is simply a grate-style frame with beams every few meters, and then wood planks are connected to the top. It is simple to construct yourself. If you’re unsure, you can purchase the components from a garden center, but if you’ve previously built items out of wood, building a deck is actually quite simple. In order to maintain the decking’s natural appearance and because it typically looks better, it is advisable to leave it unpainted.

When you assemble your decking, a good tip is to use screws and an electric screwdriver, instead of nails. Not only does this save you some effort, but it is much more likely to hold up against the elements and other wear the decking will get.


However, if your decking will be elevated significantly above the garden, assembly won’t be as straightforward because a balustrade must also be installed for safety. If your decking is high enough up that children or pets could be damaged by tumbling out of it, then you absolutely need them. Balustrades are the “safety bars” that you have on things like balconies, coming up to around stomach level. Although you could construct one yourself, there is no assurance of its safety, therefore it is preferable to get one from a reputable source who complies with all applicable safety rules. – it will have been manufactured using industrial techniques to make it much more secure and resistant than one you could build yourself.


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