Flowers | 6 Styling Tips For Your Fresh Cut Flowers

What should you do now that you’re going to bring home flowers you got at the grocery store or from a florist? I’ve seen a lot of folks simply put them in a vase of water and leave it at that. There are situations when that is effective, but in order to appear more skilled, follow these basic advice.

1) Start by placing your greens in a clean vase. Snip the ends of the stems to the desired length, and then begin crisscrossing the stems inside the vase. This is due to two factors. One is that you now have a base for the floral arrangement, and two is that placing flowers is made simpler by the crisscrossing of stems.

2) Insert the flowers in a crisscross pattern so that the stems wrap around the inside of the vase if you are building a small, low arrangement. The vase should now have a ring of flowers around the outside and just stalks sticking out of the center. (Having more stems in the vase will make it easier for the flowers to stay in place.) Every time you put flowers in, the rows will increase higher until you get a nice, circular arrangement.

3) Use a tall, slender vase if you are creating a tall arrangement. It will appear well-proportioned and your flowers will last longer. Gladiolus, blue delphinium, lilies, snapdragons, and other lovely flowers are excellent choices. There are times when tall tulips are available, and those too look wonderful.

4) Placing the flowers in a vase evenly is a common design error I’ve observed. This does not function since it appears unnatural, which is why. Look at any garden, and you’ll see that some of the flowers protrude, others are nestled in, some are virtually invisible, yet they all add to the overall aesthetic. You won’t go wrong if you mimic nature! Never hesitate to tuck a few of those blooms in.

5) It’s a good idea to utilize odd numbers of flowers. That means you can combine 3 roses or 5 roses. Even numbers don’t work as well. Place three roses together (touching but at slightly different lengths) towards the middle of the vase’s bottom, and two additional roses higher up, if you’re using five.

6) If you are really novice to floral design, the next best suggestion I can give you is to gather images of floral arrangements you enjoy and, using the above-mentioned principles, practice while viewing the images. You’ll soon be sporting a polished appearance!


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