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The Electronic Recycling Process

What is e-waste?

Electronic waste or e-waste is excess waste that we generate from surplus and obsolete electronic devices. Electronics, from mobile phones to laptops right the way to washing machines and fridges contain various toxic and hazardous components (including lead, mercury, PVC plastic and brominated flame retardants). When disposed of incorrectly, these toxic materials can be released into the environment and harm human and animal life as well as the environment.

How do we recycle e-waste safely?

So, exactly how do we recycle safely? The easiest option for individuals is probably to return them to the manufacturer they got them from, with mobile phones and laptops this is relatively easy , you could also donate to family or friends or you could sell. But, if you’re a business or an individual with a large amount of e-waste that you’d like to recycle, then the simplest option is to go to a certified e-waste recycler. Not only will the right business recycle your products in the safest way, but they’ll also ensure that no sensitive or confidential data can be accessed once it leaves your ownership. Look out for recycling and refurbishment initiatives that are in line with government standards and offer a complete process like the one outlined below.

The electronic recycling process:

After everything you’ve read, you may think the recycling process will be overwhelming, but with a dedicated recycling and disposal firm, it couldn’t be simpler. We’ve outlined the process that we take here at U.S. Electronics Recycling Center, so you can see how this could work for your business.

Step one: Collection

If you’re an ever-expanding business with a growing mountain of electronic waste that will need to be disposed of, the last thing you want to do is hire a truck to transport your waste to a recycling plant but, with the right collection services, you won’t need to.

At U.S. Electronics Recycling Center , we have a fleet of advanced and modern vehicles . The drivers are all security-vetted and will arrive at a pre-confirmed time and date that suits you. What’s more, they’ll provide transportation across the entirety of Houston Texas. Once collected, it will be safely transported to our secure recycling and processing center.

Step two: Processing

Once returned to the secure facility, your outmoded equipment will be split into hazardous and non-hazardous and data barring and non-data barring materials. Your e-waste will be designated to a specific engineer who will see to it that your equipment is logged via model, serial number, unique asset number, customer asset number and specification, these details will be uploaded into a customer asset report which you will be provided with.

Step three: IT recycling

When disposing of IT equipment, you’ll want to know that the destruction and recycling processes are secure for complete peace of mind. The right recycling partner will ensure that all of your hard drives are data erased and/or shredded and that all data (sensitive or otherwise) will be sanitised and/or destroyed in line with the most stringent industry standards.

Step four: The final product

When you have equipment that can’t be remarketed, it will be stripped down into its constituent parts (plastic, metals, minerals etc.) and separated into various categories which can or can’t be reused or recycled. Any items that can’t effectively be dismantled will be shredded into tiny pieces during the process and hazardous dust will be extracted and discarded in a way that does not harm the environment. What’s left will be separated into metal, plastic and other materials and reused, recycled or disposed of in a safe way.

U.S. Electronics Recycling Center is one of the leading electronics recycling companies in Texas, working alongside big-name businesses in a range of industries. call our team today for more information on +1 (832) 762 0183.

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