Buying a Refurbished Laptop Computer


Determine your computer requirements before thinking about purchasing a new or even secondhand laptop.

* word processing

* e-mail

* browsing web pages

* moving the laptop from home to work (weight)

* gaming

* on-line shopping

* a database application

* personal finance

* is battery power important


Consider looking at the Minimum Systems Requirements required to run all of your applications. Since refurbished laptops frequently only feature the Operating System, they won’t be shipped with the laptop (OS). Be ready to install the OS yourself if they don’t already have one installed. Before purchasing one without an OS, learn what is involved because this is not for individuals who lack knowledge.

Once you understand what you really need, you need to determine your budget.


The majority of older laptops lack functional batteries. If you require a battery, compare prices before buying. You should be aware that batteries on older laptops only last an hour or two, so investing in a new battery in order to have a longer battery life might not be worthwhile. And definitely stick with a reputable brand… Toshiba, IBM, Dell, and Compaq-HP.


If you are unfamiliar with computers and wish to access the World Wide Web, you must hire an ISP (Internet Service Provider). Internet connectivity choices can be broadly divided into two categories: broadband (cable modem, DSL, satellite), and lowband (dial-up). Given that download rates can range from 128 kbps to 6000 kbps, broadband is the best type. Naturally, the quicker the better. However, dial-up is perfectly adequate for regular web browsing and email usage if money is a concern.


The two factors that will affect your choice of ISP are price and location. If your finances permit it and you don’t mind spending more than $35 to $50 a month, you can get a broadband connection. Even if money were no object, the services that are offered to you will depend on where you are physically. Not every location has access to broadband (with the exception of satellite). Dial-up is always an option if you have a phone line. Dial-up consumers are AOL’s main revenue source. Do some research to find out what is offered nearby and compare prices.


And those of you who play video games require a strong broadband connection without a doubt. Low-bandwidth connections can make gaming tedious and perhaps impossible. To ensure that the CPU speed, RAM, and graphics chip requirements will support the games you want to play, you must check the minimum system requirements for the games you are interested in utilizing.


Once you’ve established your budget, your demands, and the requirements for your laptop, it’s time to shop for the laptop of your dreams.

Some individuals choose to search on If you decide to, make careful to investigate the seller to ensure a seamless transaction.


Many people prefer not to deal with the inconvenience of bidding, so look for “old laptops” or “refurbished laptop” on your preferred search engine, such as Google, Yahoo, or MSN.


How the vendor will handle you in the event of an issue is something to bear in mind. Shop around if you don’t like their attitude or how they answer the phone. Although cost is crucial, if you have a problem and spend as little money as you can, the vendor might not have the resources to assist you after you have made your purchase and used your money.


Purchase a new computer if the aforementioned hassles seem excessive. Although some new ones appear to have only 90 day guarantees, it will cost roughly $700 plus and come with a new battery and a one year warranty. Additionally, it will feature the most recent version of Windows XP and an 800 number to call the seller if there is an issue. Before making a purchase, I’d give the 800 number a call to find out what type of assistance they offer.


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