Boating Holidays

An excellent way to spend the summer is on a boating vacation! Simply pack your bags and spend a few weeks floating around on a houseboat or a yacht, taking advantage of the sunlight, going swimming and fishing, and exploring coastal villages. With so much less hassle, it costs about the same as a hotel stay. And the whole family will like it, especially the kids. Children are never bored near or on the sea. Adults unwind in a fold-up chair with a cool beverage and a book as the children swim and snorkel.

Traveling by boat offers a more intimate and laid-back experience than large cruise ships because you won’t be surrounded by the noise and bustle of hundreds of other passengers. Additionally, the locations are more interesting than the tourist traps that the large cruise ships frequent. The smaller boats are surprisingly well-equipped, with amenities like showers and occasionally bicycles for excursions of the surrounding area when the boat pauses.

Trips on local lakes and canals that are surrounded by historical sites are offered by numerous internet providers all around the world. How about a tour of Holland’s canals? This maritime nation was founded on marshland, and the remnants of the marsh can still be seen today in the form of canals crisscrossing the entire nation and linking sleepy towns (whose historic architecture has been carefully preserved thanks to Dutch laws against remodeling them) to modern cities like Amsterdam.

There are numerous trips available around the canals in England and Wales, including those along the Thames, Four Counties and Cheshire Rings, Oxford and Avon canals, and Llangollen. Unknown to the majority of visitors, England’s rivers run from Yorkshire to Avon and into Wales. Without having to contend with holiday traffic on Europe’s congested highways (and trust me, if you’re used to exclusively driving on North America’s broad freeways, European traffic will shock you), you may see several historic cities.

How about a vacation on a boat on Scotland’s 23-mile-long Loch Ness? Although there is no assurance Nessie will appear, you are sure to be awed by the Great Glen’s raw majesty and the battle-damaged castles that surround it. It is one of Europe’s most captivating settings and a welcome surprise for people who think there is no more nature in the continent. In this beautiful setting, eagles, ospreys, and other rare birds, as well as otters, live. There are obviously plenty of options for fishing. To find out more about the region’s detailed history, go to the Loch Ness Center in Drumnadrochit.

Don’t forget to consider a romantic boating holiday on the waterways of France. The canals of Brittany, Burgundy, Alsace, River Charente, River Lot and the South of France offer beauty, culture, and inimitable French food and wine enroute.

The Great Lakes region in North America is so vast that it is hard to explore it all on a 2-week boating vacation. One of the most significant rivers in North America is the St. Lawrence River. Before finishing in the Atlantic Ocean, it travels from the Great Lakes to a huge estuary. It is roughly 500 miles long and makes up about 100 miles of the border between Canada and the USA. Visit French Canada on a cruise up the St. Lawrence canal for breathtaking northern scenery and wildlife, including beluga whales.

Let’s not overlook Lake Tahoe while discussing popular boating vacation spots in North America. Every American should visit this special lake at least once. It is a perennially popular tourist site. The Tahoe Queen offers Emerald Bay sightseeing cruises, and the M.S. Dixie II offers paddlewheeler rides. A 55-foot catamaran and a 44-foot trimaran are also available. Private families can hire out small family boats. Numerous expensive resorts, eateries, and historical tours are available in Lake Tahoe.



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