Best Garden Flowers

Some of the most attractive plants around have blue blossoms, which can provide a vibrant splash of color to any garden. They can be combined with other flowers to create a rainbow of colors or planted in a cluster of only blue blossoms.

It’s crucial to keep in mind to plant flowers according to the directions on the plant’s tag. Always purchase plants that will flourish in the environment in which they will be grown. A plant that prefers the sun won’t thrive in a shaded place, and the results will only be disappointing.

Keep in mind when planning your garden when the flowers will blossom. A garden with blooms throughout the growing season can be ensured by planting perennials with various bloom times close to one another. Recall to account for the plants’ height by placing the taller ones toward the back.

Consider the flowers on the list below for your garden

Polemonium aka Blue Pearl – A compact plant with deep sky blue flowers that grows to 10″.  It blooms in late spring to early summer.  Plant in partial shade and in well-drained soil.


Blue Sea Holly – This dramatic plant has a lavender blue cone like flower with long spiked petals.  It grows to 30″ and is a favorite for dried flower arrangements.  Plant in full sun – blooms in mid to late summer.


Delphinium aka Butterfly Blue – Bright blue delicate flowers adorn a plant that blooms in early to mid summer.  It reaches 10″ tall and prefers a sunny location with rich moist soil.


Campanula aka Blue Carpet – Bright blue to lilac colored flowers bloom for weeks in the middle of summer.  This low growing perennial grows to 4″ and prefers full sun with well-drained soil.


Penstemon aka Blue Buckle – This plant has tubular shaped blooms in blue to purple and flowers in mid summer to early fall.  It grows to 15″ and likes well-drained soil with full or partial sun.


Hydrangea aka Nikko Blue – Gigantic clumps of blue flowers adorn this shrub for most of the summer.  In the fall, the flowers turn a golden color.  This plant is a new variety that prefers rich soil but will grow in shade, partial sun, or full sun.


Vinca – Medium blue flowers and glossy green leaves form a carpet that grows to about 6″ tall and blooms in mid spring.  This plant will grow in most soil conditions, in the shade or sun.


Ajuga aka Bronze Beauty – This short bushy plant has spikes of blue flowers that grows quickly.  Great as a ground cover or in raised beds.  It blooms in spring and prefers a shady area.


Scabiosa aka Butterfly Blue – A bushy perennial with lavender blue flowers that bloom from June to October.  This plant likes full sun and attracts butterflies and hummingbirds.


Verbena aka Babylon Blue – Blue purple flowers petals adorn a plant that blooms in early spring.  Great for window boxes and planters.


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