6 Tips to Save on Your Printer Ink Cartridges

Printer ink cartridges are a cost that is unavoidable, but if you use them properly, you may reduce the amount of ink you use, extend the life of the cartridge, and increase the value of your purchase. This article goes over ways to extend the life of printer ink cartridges.


A printer must be purchased once, but because ink cartridges must be replaced frequently, the expense of running the printer and keeping it in good working order can add up. Even the smallest print command causes your printer to use ink, but with a few simple tricks, you can actually save a lot of ink and stretch the life of a cartridge.

1) Print only what is necessary


Let’s start by making reserves. Most frequently, we wind up printing out things we don’t need to and wasting expensive ink in the process. For example, you might just need to print a piece of a web page rather than the entire page. Make sure you only print the parts of the page you want in hard copy rather than printing the entire page with all of its complex graphics and other elements.

Ink usage for text is always lower than for graphics or images. You can be sure not to print the visuals and images if you only require text-based information. Look for a print version of the web page if you need to print it out to save it. If there isn’t a print version, you can take a printout of the text by copying it into a word document and pasting it there.

Also try to do a bit of planning and double check what you are printing before hitting the print button.


2) Go for a quick print preview

The majority of branded printers, including those from HP, Canon, Dell, Epson, and other manufacturers, have a printer driver with a very helpful print preview feature. You can view a previous version of the copy you want to print out using this function.


When printing directly from the Internet, this function is extremely useful. There are occasions when what you see online and in print are completely different. A short preview can assist in getting the hardcopy of the content you require.


3) Make sure the power is turned off

The same rule that applies to turning off your computer properly before switching it off also applies to turning off your printer. If you don’t properly shut down the printer, the print heads will continue to be exposed to air, which will cause the ink to dry in the nozzles and may negatively impact the printing quality. Make it a habit to always look to see where the print heads are before turning the power off.


4) Use good software

Online, there are numerous possibilities for ink-saving software. These computer programs are made to decrease the amount of ink that is used by your printer. Even when printing in high resolution, you can acquire printable copies of good quality with these applications while using less ink.


5) Use printer ink cartridges smartly

Run a quick print test at least once a week if you don’t print frequently to prevent the ink cartridges from drying out. You can lengthen the cartridge’s lifespan by taking this simple precaution.


6) Never expose your printer to extreme temperatures

For printer ink cartridges, too much temperature change is bad. The cartridges in your printer could dry out if you maintain it in an excessively hot or cold environment. Assure a consistent and normal temperature in the space for long-lasting printer function.


Your printer ink cartridges can last longer if you follow these simple but crucial guidelines. Online stores make it simple to purchase high-quality printer ink cartridges at competitive prices.



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