5 Guidelines for Choosing Good Printer Ink Cartridges

– Generally speaking, black ink cartridges are less expensive than color toner. Spend some time considering your printer’s intended use before making your choice. Will your printouts need to be in color, or will black and white do just fine? If the answer is “yes,” you will benefit financially from buying the black ink cartridges.


– Buying recycled ink cartridges can be your best option if you care deeply about the environment as well as your budget. These are not only more reasonably priced, but they are also more environmentally friendly than other recycled goods. Viking Office Products and Staples are two of the best stores to buy high-quality recycled ink cartridges.

– Make sure the ink cartridge you buy is compatible with your printer before you buy it. Many consumers are shocked to realize that ink cartridges are made to work with a certain brand and model of printers; this information ought to be made very obvious on the outer box. Simply jot down the model number of your printer on a piece of paper and bring it with you to the store if you have difficulties remembering it. When choosing ink cartridges for printers, this will be the single most crucial piece of knowledge to have on hand since without the correct printer model number, you are unlikely to receive the right product.


– Because ink cartridges are sometimes very expensive, it is often possible to find a real bargain on a printer/ink cartridge combo. A recent visit to a local retail store revealed a single ink cartridge for $29.97. Just beside the ink cartridge selection were several boxed printers. Among them, a new printer and color ink cartridge combo, which was priced at just $34.95. When you consider the difference of only $5.00 and the fact that you could purchase a brand new printer and ink for almost the same price as a single ink cartridge, the better deal was obvious. In this scenario, you could simply resale your former printer on eBay and replace it with the new printer. This just goes to show that a little smart shopping can go a long way in terms of getting the best value for your dollar.

– The vast majority of printer ink cartridges come with a manufacturer’s warranty that ensures your pleasure. Retaining the original purchase receipt, ink cartridge box, and warranty details is the only way to get coverage as guaranteed. Most manufacturers will either replace the ink cartridge at no cost to you or refund your entire purchase price if your new ink cartridge should fail to perform as promised.


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