3 Easy Tips for Successful Container Gardening


The following suggestions will help you design a beautiful hanging basket or container this summer. The first is to utilize a synthetic soil that is primarily made of peat moss. Perlite, peat, and other materials are used in high-quality soils like Fafard or Pro-Mix to create a soil that won’t compact over the summer. Real garden soil compresses and turns to concrete when watered frequently. Plant roots need good, wide locations to go into so that they can absorb nutrients, and when that happens, they cease growing. Avoid using real dirt in your pots since hard, compacted soils do not produce healthy plants. I occasionally reuse my artificial potting soil. I remove it from the pot. To remove all of last year’s roots, chew it up with a shovel, then add 10% by volume of compost. Compost widens air gaps and improves the nutritional quality of plants.


Weekly fertilize your plants. As you water your containers from the top, the dissolved nitrogen is evaporating from the bottom since nitrogen, the fuel for plant growth, is water soluble. I highly advise using a fish-emulsion liquid feed with seaweed to supply all the trace nutrients your plants need. To encourage development, you can use any liquid plant food (such as Miracle Grow or Shultz). The pinnacle of liquid plant feeding is compost tea, and if you prepare your own, your plants will respond with bigger, greater blooms and enhanced vigor.


Finally, it is crucial to completely immerse the container each time you water it, regardless of its size. Water the plant until the bottom of the pot fills with water. This makes sure the roots may spread out evenly across the container and develop healthily.


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