Server Equipment Recycling

Server Equipment Recycling

A trustworthy electronics recycler should be contacted to dispose of unwanted or obsolete server components and equipment. U. S. Electronics Recycling Center ensures that your old, outdated, or unwanted server equipment is properly disposed of through electronics recycling. All data on server equipment is securely completely erased.

Data Security

When recycling obsolete/unwanted computers and electronic equipment, data deletion and hard drive destruction are required. Hard drive data deletion is guaranteed by the U.S. Electronics Recycling Center. Protecting personal and commercial data can save you money and protect you against data theft and improper data disposal. For clients who choose to recycle their obsolete computers and electronics, US Electronics Recycling Center provides hard drive destruction tracking as well as an official certificate of data destruction.

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What People are saying about us

I have recycled my e-waste several times with U.S. Electronics Recycling Center. I highly recommend this e-waste recycling company to anyone who wants to get rid of their unwanted electronics. They are very friendly with excellent customer service.
Emmanuel P.
U.S. Electronics Recycling Center helps me to shred my hard drive. It was a pleasure working with them. They offer me a certificate of destruction after the service. I really like the way they handle customers. Thank you guys for the free services you are offering and for keeping Houston free from e-waste pollution.
We are blessed to have this company in Houston. They have been recycling my e-waste for free since 2019. The founder is very nice and has a great customer support team. This company would be the best if you want to recycle your electronics.
Mark F.
I needed several bags of personal information shredded. I called asking if I could come on the same day. I spoke with Isaac, the assistant manager. All my items were taken and I received a certificate of destruction. The price was reasonable.