Monitor Recycling

Monitor Recycling | U.S Electronics Recycling Center

What are the options for recycling your old CRT or LCD monitor? The recycling of CRT and LCD monitors is simple. Allowing the U. S. Electronic Recycling Center to recycle your old CRT or LCD display contributes to the reduction of electronic waste pollution. Up to six pounds of lead can be found in a single CRT display. Hazardous pollutants such as mercury can be found in LCD monitors. Your old or broken LCD and CRT monitors can be recycled.

Data Security

When recycling obsolete/unwanted computers and electronic equipment, data deletion and hard drive destruction are required. Hard drive data deletion is guaranteed by the U.S. Electronics Recycling Center. Protecting personal and commercial data can save you money and protect you against data theft and improper data disposal. For clients who choose to recycle their obsolete computers and electronics, US Electronics Recycling Center provides hard drive destruction tracking as well as an official certificate of data destruction.

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