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Helping Families Worldwide

We work towards ensuring a life free from inequality and discrimination for every body in Africa.

U.S. Electronics Recycling Charity Program

Since the creation of our company, we have been helping individuals with special need. That is our greatest concern to help families worldwide. We raise money every year in order to help the sick, the poor, and persons with disability. We do not help  because we have much, but we help because we are bless through our numerous achievement. Every year we sent food and clothing, scholarship, and laptops to hundreds of individuals in Africa and in Philippians and other  countries worldwide.

Join our Charity program as a donor

In 2020, we help a lot of children and families from English speaking part of Cameroon with food and basics needs. Two years ago we help many families in Kenya with food and medical equipment in hospital; 5 year ago we built 2 classrooms for school children and also share study materials in elementary school in Cameroon, West Africa. Any donation is Tax free

We also collect the following items for our Charity Program

Shoes, cloths Sport item like soccer balls, Bicycles, Coolers, Kitchen items, Office chairs, Foldable chairs and tables, canopies, Suite cases , Travelling boxes, Cell phones, Educative toys, Hygienic items, Blender, Motorcycles, Automobile, Floor carpets, Printers, new paint AND MORE..

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Let's Change Lives

Our doors are open to everyone who feels like he really want to help a needy child, or to bring a smile to a child with disability, or to change their life story don’t hesitate to call us. We will be more than happy to enlighten you and connect you on how you can channel your help directly to the child. We have a program that just with 100 dollar you can sponsor a child education out of US. Currently we have some orphans that we currently working with them. Feel free to join our team.