Recover Deleted Files and Repair Corrupted Disks with SoftAmbulance

Deleted files? Corrupted documents? Lost data? Call for SoftAmbulance! No need to wait for even a minute – download your copy right now and fix your disk problem in just seconds! SoftAmbulance Partition Doctor is designed for people like you and I – no programming skills or hi-tech geekness required.


Deleting a document by accident is easy. That can happen to anyone, and happens regularly to everyone who’s using their computer for anything but computer games. Thanks to the intuitive, easy-to-use interface of Microsoft Windows, it is now very easy to format a hard disk. The problem is, how do you un-format it? The all-mighty and user-friendly Windows won’t do anything about it.


Even if you are extra-cautious and don’t usually click “OK” when asked to agree with the total loss of your data, data corruption and hard drive crashes tend to happen regardless. Sometimes the corruption is so severe that you cannot even access your disk or partition, let alone read your files.


Did you experience a hard drive failure? No access to disks or partitions? Suspecting virus attack or hardware failure? Stop messing around and call for an ambulance! SoftAmbulance Partition Doctor restores your hard drives health and cures your files and data completely automatically. It won’t require you to read any “Data Recovery for Dummies” books or take a college class learning how to fix your PC. SoftAmbulance Partition Doctor will just ask you which disk or what files you need recovered, and works completely automatically after that, pursuing complete restoration of corrupt files and data.


Under the hood SoftAmbulance Partition Doctor has a complex and powerful data recovery engine. It’s not just another free undelete tool or a clone of Windows check-disk. Being a much more complex and way more robust recovery product, SoftAmbulance Partition Doctor combines check-disk and undelete functionality, but does it much better and more reliably. Instead of relying on the possibly corrupted file system to find deleted files, SoftAmbulance Partition Doctor scans the entire hard drive surface to locate every file that can be restored. It’s designed to rescue as much data as possible even if your hard drive went amuck and file system is barely breathing.


SoftAmbulance Partition Doctor is a perfect data recovery tool for the rest of us. A simple, intuitive wizard guides you through entire recovery process by asking you multiple-choice questions. It’s not a math exam, not even an algebra test! Just select the damaged disk or the drive that contains deleted files to recover, and SoftAmbulance Partition Doctor will start working on that drive automatically. Deleted files, corrupted data, lost documents and broken file systems not a problem with SoftAmbulance Partition Doctor. Download your copy right now from


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