Fully Loaded Laptops

Buying a laptop is a commitment! Once you buy it, you can’t decide to change or upgrade any part of the system, as doing so is impractical in terms of cost and time. So plan before buying a laptop, and make sure it’s a fully loaded model that is up to date.


One of the important features of a laptop is its memory. While most laptops come with a 128 MB memory, it’s wise to invest in more memory such as a system memory (RAM) of 256 MB or even better, 512 MB, for the easier running of programs under Windows ME, Windows XP, and others. After all, the more memory the merrier!


Another main feature of a laptop is its port. A port is a slot through which external material such as microphones and cameras are connected. Laptops come with a serial port, infrared, parallel, and a Universal Serial Bus (USB) ports. Most external equipment correspond with different ports, which is why there are several types of ports in a laptop. However, it is best to opt for at least two USBs, as this is fast becoming the most popular of ports.


CD-ROM drives are not a standard feature of laptops, but it is best to have one installed, as most software comes in CDs these days. Even better would be to install a DVD-ROM drive, which can be used to read CD-ROMs too. A DVD-RW drive is capable of writing and rewriting CDs and DVDs. Also, when on a lengthy trip, having a DVD drive means you can check out your favourite DVD!


Laptops come with internal modems or external PC card-based modems for ready Internet access. The majority of new laptops even come with modules for wireless networking, like Apple’s laptops which are Wi-Fi compatible.


Input devices in a laptop range from the Touchpad to the Pointing Stick. A Touchpad is located beneath the spacebar on the laptop keyboard. It is touch sensitive; use your fingers on the Touchpad to move the cursor across the screen. The Pointing Stick is a rubber nub set in the laptop keyboard, and can be used to navigate the cursor by applying pressure with your index finger, similar to using a joystick. You can also plug in a standard mouse should you feel the need to do so.


There are a staggering number of laptop brands in the market today, so choosing that perfect laptop suited to your needs is no problem at all!


The Toshiba Portege R100 is a laptop specially designed for the mobile professional. With a striking appearance, bright screen, and integrated webcam, the Sony TR3A Vaio Ultraportable Laptop is the perfect travel partner. The Sony Vaio X505 is super thin, and uses carbon-fiber for its chassis, making it shock-free and robust. The Panasonic Toughbook Y2 Ultraportable incorporates a number of computer features in a portable and durable design, and pays special attention to battery life. For an excellent Multimedia feature set and attractive design, the Dell Inspiron 700M Notebook fits the bill.



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