In the entire nation, Canon is highly renowned for its imaging technology and information systems. Copiers, printers, lenses, camcorders, semiconductors, and of course Canon digital camera is just a few of their numerous goods.

The PowerShot S2 IS is the newest high-end digital camera from Canon. This Canon digital camera has 5.0 mega pixels and a 12x optical zoom as well as a 4x digital zoom. The S2 IS in this baby’s name means for optical image stabilization, which reduces camera shaking for persons with trembling hands or when shooting pictures with a camera. This Canon digital camera’s UD lens offers astounding color accuracy over the whole zoom range.

This particular Canon digital camera, like many others today, can record moving images. There is no need to miss a flawless image that is included with a moving picture because the S2 can record moving photos, which is another first. With the Movie Snap feature, you can simply take a picture as soon as you notice the ideal scene, and it will be saved in your Canon digital camera together with the movie that was just captured.

The DIGIC II image processor, which is intended to boost processing speed and image quality, is also included in this Canon digital camera. It immediately states that the DIGIC II gives your Canon digital camera faster playback, autofocus, and startup times while providing your photographs the utmost brilliance.


You will always have the simplest time transferring your files to and from your computer thanks to the S2’s compatibility for USB 2.0 Hi-speed. You may use your SD card to transfer data at a blisteringly fast rate thanks to USB 2.0.

This canon digital camera is also supplied with a 1.8 inch LCD power saving and fold out screen that’s 115,000 pixel resolution. S2 shoots at 30 frames per second; this shooting rate can be reduced when taking pictures in night display, to give you the brightness that you need when taking pictures.


On the other hand, the latest point and shoot canon digital camera is the PowerShot SD500 and the PowerShot SD400.


The SD500 is the first 7.1 mega pixel canon digital camera that gives amazing images and absolutely to die for details. It has a 3x optical zoom that enables close up shooting with a 37-111mm equivalent with a 35mm film camera. This is one of the new perpetual curve design for  canon digital cameras that fits the hands perfectly.


Sporting a very slim design, you would marvel at its 2.0 inch LCD that gives easier frame and play back use.


This baby is also equipped with the same DIGIC II Image Processor found in canon digital cameras that gives you amazing features. Also USB 2.0 compatible and works with the same high-speed SD card.


This device can shoot moving photographs at up to 60 frames per second, which is ideal for moving objects (particularly in sports), and static images at 30 frames per second, which is even better than most digital cameras now on the market. There are scene settings available, including portrait (which blurs the background and focuses on the person), foliage (ideal for foliage, greenery, or blossoms), beach (for sunny photos without dark faces), and submarine (which reduces background scatter). For underwater photography, you may always get a waterproof case. Other suggestions include fireworks, nighttime photos, children and pets, indoor settings, and digital macro (larger than life images).

Even as you’re shooting, you may personalize and make adjustments with this Canon digital camera. You can never go wrong using  Canon digital cameras since it has settings for darker skin tones, positive film, and skin tones that are lighter, among others.

These are only a few of the SD500’s many features. The SD500 has more features that have not yet been covered.

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