Are Truckers Going Soft?


Yes, is the response. In reality, truckers choose trucking software to ease their workload. Being behind the wheel of a large rig is only one aspect of a trucker’s life. For both themselves and the trucking company that hires them, they have a lot of paperwork and data to keep care of. The type of trucking software program you choose to buy will depend less on what needs to be done than on the diversity of trucking software products that are currently available.


Consider for a moment why a truck driver might want trucking software. Where do they get their money from? Drive! These truck drivers travel long distances and must frequently refuel. There are trucking software packages that help the driver keep track of their mileage and each time they fill up their fuel tanks. The mileage and costs incurred throughout a trip can be tracked by the trucking software. Therefore, the truck driver needs correct documents to submit to their trucking firm for reimbursement if they pay for fuel and maintenance out of pocket. If not, they will lose a lot of money.


The law mandates that a truck driver keep thorough records of every journey, from the number of miles driven to stops made for rest or sleep. There is trucking software that complies with the norms and regulations set forth by the Department of Transportation (DOT). The data would only need to be entered by the trucker. All the data would be assimilated by the trucking software, which would then provide a DOT-compliant report. The value of recordkeeping extends to the trucker as well as the trucking firm.


Global Positioning System-compatible trucking software is among the other varieties (GPS). Truckers who are unfamiliar with the area they are traveling through can particularly benefit from this software. Trucking software with databases for storing client and company names is a useful tool. These databases could include a list of accommodation and dining options along any given route, as well as contact names and phone numbers for the drivers.

It can be a hassle for trucking businesses and drivers to deal with paperwork. Because of this, they are relying on trucking software more and more to make their life simpler. It pays to conduct your homework on trucking software because there are many different types available. You will know you have the correct program for the job when you locate the trucking software that handles the majority of those paperwork headaches.


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